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In order to facilitate wider use of the infrastructural facilities developed in the Anthropological Survey of India (An.S.I), it is felt necessary that a broader policy need to be evolved to encourage collaborative research between the An.S.I and the other National/State level University Departments, Research institutions, Medical as well as Para-medical institutions, NGOs and others (Collaborating groups). Under this, the state of the art facilities developed in the Survey can be utilized by the collaborating group for a meaningful outcome.

Presently the An.S.I has a state of the art facility in its DNA laboratories at its head office, Kolkata, and the regional centers of Nagpur, Mysore, Shillong and Port Blair. Efforts are underway to develop the DNA laboratories at Udaipur and Dehradun as well. And in a few months' time, other facilities that are on the anvil viz., Visual Anthropology, Digital Imaging and Digital Cartography, would also be opened up for collaboration.

Those interested in collaboration with the An.S.I are invited to respond to any of the three categories outlined below.

Collaborations on the National Projects implemented by the An.S.I :

The collaborating group is to make provision for man power either through students or other researchers to work on the projects of An.S.I The outcome be it a degree/diploma/dissertation/joint publication should be jointly credited to the efforts of the An.S.I and the collaborating group, with a mutual consent.

Collaborations on the collaborating group/Institution's Projects :

The An.S.I's facilities can be utilized by a collaborating group under the supervision of a technical expert from the An.S.I In such cases, the collaborating group should arrange for all consumables as well as manpower. The research will be jointly published.

The Collaborating Institute and the Survey jointly work on a project and apply for extramural funding :

An.S.I and a collaborating group can jointly formulate a project of mutual interest with an extramural funding for manpower as well as consumables.

 All those interested in collaboration with the An.S.I can contact
The Director
Anthropological Survey of India
27, Jawaharlal Nehru Road
Kolkata 700016
Telephone: (033)2286 1781 & (033)2286 1733 (PBX)
Director: (033) 2286 1796
FAX: (033) 2286 179

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Dr. M. Sasikumar, Director in Charge, Anthropological Survey of India

Dr. M. Sasikumar, Director in Charge, Anthropological Survey of India addressing the 22nd Executive Committee Meeting held at Port Blair from 25th to 26th April, 2016".
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