Anthropology as is being practiced in the Anthropological Survey of India is unique with a truly holistic flavour. From very early on, it endeavored to bring in multi-disciplinary teams recruiting Anthropologists of both Cultural/Social and Biological varieties along with Linguists, Human Ecologists, Biochemists, Psychologists and Statisticians who collaborate with each other and with the National and State level institutions, while interacting with the renowned scholars of other countries to study man in all his entirety, not just for the sake of study but to create a human concern for one another and to help tackle problems of contemporary relevance. Anthropological Survey of India swung in to an all round modernization drive by employing state-of-the art technologies and infrastructural development in a big way to go ahead with its mandate.
Forensic Anthropology
Shri Ravindra Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Culture visiting "People of India" Exhibition held at Nagpur during 10-16th November, 2013.
Cultural Anthropology
Fellowship Programme
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Development Anthropology
Social Anthropology
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Paleo Anthropology
Physical Anthropology
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DNA Studies
Ministry of Culture

Dr. Jayanta Sengupta, Director, Anthropological Survey of India

Dr. Jayanta Sengupta, Director, Anthropological Survey of India.
Anthropological Survey of India
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